Sunday, 18 October 2015

Transactive memory

 One interesting concept i stumbled upon these days is transactive memory.  Transactive memory is a psychological hypothesis first proposed by Daniel Wegner in 1985 as a response to earlier theories of "group mind" such as groupthink. A transactive memory system is a mechanism through which groups collectively encode, store, and retrieve knowledge. They somehow refer at it for example as a collective memory of a family, after it was pointed out that each of family members is in charge with some specific domains. As mum with cooking, young children with tablet and smartphone use and so one, so each one will know who to ask to find more about directions related to this or that subject. Going even further, some researchers are thinking that this could be one of the reason we feel incomplete after a break-up or loss of a close family member.

In other order, my next blog posts will continue to explore the beginning of IQ concept and genius intelligence tests, most probably i will write about Terman, Silvan Tompkins, Paul Elkman and i will also say a few words of neuroscientist Adam Gazali and his games aproach to brain training. Probably i will mention a new smartphone game i start to play too, after i will test it a bit longer.

See you soon!

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