Thursday, 21 January 2016

Super Humans - Praveen Kumar Gorakavi

   Praveen Kumar Gorakavi (born May 24, 1989) is an inventor and former child prodigy. Praveen innovations span multiple scientific fields. He has developed a low-cost artificial limb, products for water purification, food storage, and biofuel synthesis. Praveen has recently designed a low-cost mechanical brailler to increase braille literacy in the developing world. Praveen received the award ‘Outstanding Engineer/Scientist for the year 2009-10’ from FAPCCI and is considered to be the youngest recipient of this award. Earlier to this, Praveen received India’s prestigious award ‘Balshree’ from President of India. He received one of the highest civilian awards of Andhra Pradesh state, Ugadi Gaurav Puraskar, from state government of Andhra Pradesh. Praveen was also awarded the ‘Best technologist – for disabled people empowerment’ by state government of Andhra Pradesh. Currently, Praveen is working on hybrid solar energy encapsulation technology, involving solar spectrum bifurcation and subsequent concentration, as a part of doctoral studies at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad, India. He is known especially for his efforts in supporting the people with disabilities.

How is he describing himself?
 "I have been doing research since my childhood, that made Indian media call me a 'Child Prodigy'. I have continued the spirit of innovation even after receiving 'Balshree' title from President of India, which is one of the prestigious award for Indian children with creative skills. I have been working on multiple disciplines of engineering & sciences. Though a graduate of Chemical Engineering background, I have been recognized as a polymath for my contributions in various disciplines such as ammunition technology, artificial limb design, food preservation machine, bio-ethanol producing catalyst, nano-fertilizers and others. I am an established professional inventor, recognized by various scientific organisations of importance. I have received few prestigious awards such as AP State's 'Uugadi Gavrav Puraskar' from Chief Minister of AP, 'Best Engineer/Scientist for the state of AP' from Chief Minister of AP, 'Child Scientist title' from DST, 'Best Innovator for helping physically handicapped' from Chief Minister of AP, 'Bal Ratna award', 'Gayatri Putra', etc. I have a very close association with various research organisations, scientists, entrepreneurs, political dignitaries, public servants, NGOs, government bodies, etc., which makes me more thirsty for innovations."

His inventions:
-Designed 40,000 Years Calendar (combination of 32 different calendar models),
a common basis for perpetual calendar calculation that considers design progressions of different calendar varieties for identifying true values of the day variables from all major calendars.
-Developed Ammunition / Propellant Technology,
An ammunition technology, using wax as the primary composite for the propulsion, works for a significantly low cost when compared to the a hydrazine based system.
-Designed Artificial Leg (Above Knee) design,
artificial limb at significantly low cost when compared to the existing instruments, operated mechanically and has ‘Knee’ and ‘Ankle’ joint movement.
-Invented Food Storage Equipment,
Shelf life of food is extended by at least 130% by controlling certain airborne ionization radiations. Also, a natural antioxidant material from grape seeds has been extracted/developed.
-Designed Water-Purification Technology,
Water purification system, at significantly low cost as compared to existing system has been developed, using specially designed filtration sequence at low pressures.
-Developed Theory in High Energy further explaining the uncertainty of particle behavior, with respect to position and orientation in four dimensional aspects
-Developed Catalyst Design for Bio-Ethanol Synthesis,
A non-fermentation way for the synthesis of lignocellulose bioethanol has been developed for rapid reaction rates and higher precision of reaction.
-Designed Advanced Spectral Selective Bragg-Reflector Design,
-Designed Braille Embosser,
This low weight and low priced Braille embosser is intentionally designed to empower the written communication among blind community, disregarding their social or financial backdrop.
-Developed Multi-color Painter,
-Developed Nano-Fertilizers,
-Developed Color Coder Technology.
A color coder has potential to store a lot of data within, by using holographic planar reflection schema.

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