Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Convention, hiding in plain sight and the art of "I don't give a S**t!"

I was just touching the surface, talking with some friends about why some prodigies choose to not help the progress of the entire world and have ordinary jobs instead. It is a complex matter, but one will learn fast that people don't like somebody to finish the test in 5 minutes, or to be faster and better than anyone else, somehow pointing out everyone mediocrity. You cannot enjoy "la dolce vita" if you have a young prodigy or a genius in your class, just because every teacher will compare all with him. And people will start to resent this, and to make your life miserable. Teachers will expect you to be always at your best. Parents will always have a lot of hopes. Due to the environment, you will learn to hide your capabilities, especially if you choose the fast track of schooling, and you will do only what it is enough to go by. For a while. As soon as you hit the emotional maturity, you will explode in brilliance, you will be amazed and amazing. At that stage, you do not care anymore for what "they" would think. Your personality is fully formed, you know what are your goals and how to achieve them.

That should be the way, but not all of us reach this stage. Some of the young geniuses will hide the entire life, some of them will try to look normal, some will secretly fight against the system. Either way, the problem is, in my humble opinion, that we push them too far intellectually, without caring about the not fully formed emotional maturity.

When one learn what he really want, after the emotional maturity stage, he/she will often choose what is best, even if this is contrary to the general opinion. I often find myself being asked about some decision, and choosing not to follow it, even if it is more efficient and logical, just because others do not understand the ideas behind it. But i do this out of social convention, if the other way is not affecting me personally. If it is something important, i will just do what i think it is the best, without a second thought.

That's all for today, have a nice week!

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