Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Are real geniuses born or created?

One interesting article in The Guardian stating that there is no such thing as prodigy child, and the intelligence is not as much inherited, as properly trained to use it more efficiently. I wanted to say this, that the IQ is not as relevant as the ability to use practically your skills.

My theory in few words -real intelligence - RI is IQ x practical use.

Case 1
IQ = 180
Practical use = 50%
Real intelligence = 180 x 50% = 90

Case 2
IQ = 110
Practical use = 90%
Real intelligence = 110 x 90% = 99

So, polishing your skills, even if you have not superhuman IQ, can make you better at something than a lazy genius.

Hard work trumps untrained genius every time.

Link for article here.

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