Sunday, 8 November 2015


First of all, i want to point out about the multipotentialite meeting in UK, organised in the summer of 2016. More info here.

Second, i will explain a bit about the structure of my posts, they are just a bit of a much bigger project, aiming to study how the IQ test appeared and developed, and maybe, if it is possible, to find some alternative method of testing for other kind of geniality, not only the ones of intellectual origin. It is still work in progress. Also, as a future business/charity, which will test, support, advice, train, help with mentor-ship, this are my first steps. We want to start with testing, trying to improve Stanford-Binet scale and other test following this one. This is one of the reason of my financial independence enterprise, meant to give me 100% free time through passive income streams, in order to follow this idea of helping other multipotentialite/polymath/struggling geniuses to not spend years of their life trying to search what is wrong, instead of focusing on their advantages and abilities.

See you soon.

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