Friday, 27 November 2015

The learning theory

Talking about possibilities, let's suppose that my super power is fast learning. Not really really a super power, but a long trained skill, even if i cannot deny a genetic factor, a predisposition to fast learning, that i could observe in both my parents. The funny thing is that, even if i had it my whole life, i managed to clear my mind and give it some structure and consistency only sometime last year, after i was just using it at 20-30% for the first 36 years of my life. Now the difference is observable, even if i am not like a God-like fast learner, i can easily do it at a 300-1000% rate faster than normal, depending upon my familiarity with the subject. Meaning that is much easier to understand the history of Justice,with a teacher like Michael Sandel, than self study AWS Cloud Computing. Anyway, lately, a new problem arise. Time. Even if this is happening  faster than with the majority, it is still very time consuming to learn new things, at least close to expert level (i am not aiming to mastery, just to applicability). So, i realized that, even if i had a lot of fields that i want to improve, i need to be more focused, and limit myself to just a few courses, leaving enough time for work, movies, sport, eating, relationship and most important - sleep. I say this because is usually sleep that use to get cut, and this would create a vicious circle, lowering my abilities and my efficiency. Resulting in more time spent on study and less sleep, twice this year being close to complete exhaustion.
What i learn from this? A mix between "Hell, Yeah" technique and supreme laziness. Translation:when i feel tired i look at my schedule and i am just asking myself, is something happen if today i will not do this? Depending on answer, i will just do what is needed, and then rest. I've seen that usually i will recover that lost time during the following days, because of the superior performance. Remember, we are still human, despite our knowledge. Our physiology can easily get disrupted, and all you need is a minor hormone imbalance to become someone else. Something else. Always give yourself the rest when is needed. 

See you.

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