Saturday, 12 December 2015

Next week book to read list

Next week subject will be herbalism, as i am looking for some relevant information.

Selected books:
Dioscorides - De materia medica - Latin
Galen - De simplicibus - Latin
Avicenna - Canon medicinae - Latin
Leech book of the bald - English
Rosa Anglica - Latin
William Cole - The art of simpling - English
Culpeper - Herbal - English

If i will found what i search for , i will tell you.

Wish you a perfect Sunday!

Added later: Plinius the Elder - Historia naturalis. 47 volumes.

Funny enough, the books keep adding themselves to the list. But i will make a suit of blog posts about this and the herbalism subject on my daily blog, not here.

Have a good day!

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