Thursday, 17 December 2015

The advantage of a gamer in real life, DNA is not a blueprint and one more extra bonus

For today, as part of the gifting season, i made a great selection of articles for you.

* I stumbled upon Jane McGonigal, and i find some inspired ideas, few i already used for a long time (achievement technique, daily quest), few i cannot wait to test it. What are the psychological strengths of a gamer in real life, you will ask? Read this article and you will find out. By the way, i think this is a great way to help a child to grow up.

** The Social Life of Genes. Your DNA is not a blueprint. Day by day, week by week, your genes are in a conversation with your surroundings. Your neighbors, your family, your feelings of loneliness: They don't just get under your skin, they get into the control rooms of your cells. Inside the new social science of genetics. Read more about it here.

*** And at last, my gift to you, one article in The Guardian about the science of learning.

Wish you a perfect weekend! I will have it.

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