Sunday, 7 February 2016

Analogies between intelligence and happiness

I just connected some dots between my recent 'study of happiness' and intelligence. Similarities that i try to understand, because i think it is something there, and this is what i found. The genetic factors underlie about 50-60% percent of the difference in intelligence among individuals. The genetics factors that determine the set point for happiness are responsible for 50% of our happiness, more or less. We are all born with a determined set point for happiness, as we are all born with a determined set point for our IQ level (+/- 5%). Circumstances or environment are responsible for about 40% of our intelligence (not yet determined how much is given by the external factors and how much by the internal factors - training and learning). 10-15% of our happiness is influenced by circumstantial factors, while about 40% is the result on intentional activity. Out of this, cognitive and behavioral give what seems to be a temporary boost, that is longer than the circumstantial temporary boost, probably due to the Hedonic Adaptation, faster in circumstantial cases than in intentional activity. Volitional activity is the one intentional activity that seems to create a more permanent boost, and given the apparently transferable knowledge between increasing happiness and increasing intelligence increase and decrease (even if infinitesimal as value), i will try to explore this hypothesis even more. Until now everyone was thinking that the set point for happiness and the set point for intelligence are usually immovable, and every boost is just temporary, because we tend to come back to the equilibrium value, but some recent researches (2001-2005) found that in some cases the increases are sustainable and the boost seems to be almost permanent.  This is the result of more than 35 studies and researches combined in only few phrases, if you understand what i mean, you know what to do next.

I would appreciate if you want to share with me, any help is well received.
Good luck!

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