Saturday, 27 February 2016

Super Humans - Stephan Wolski

Stephan Wolski (born 1998) completed high school and enrolled at the College of Southern Maryland at the age of 13 and at the age of 15 graduated with an A.S. Degrees in Applied Science and Technology, he plans to earn his bachelor's degree in Computer science at the University of Maryland.

What did he said on his graduation:

Wolski, as with his older siblings Joseph, CSM Class of 2012, and Olivia, CSM Class of 2011, is the youngest graduate in his class. “I am the youngest in my family so that means that this is the end of a dynasty,” said Stephan Wolski. Just as his siblings had been, Stephan Wolski was nervous when he began taking classes at CSM at age 13 through a gifted and talented program. But the nervousness faded after a few weeks, he said. “I had so many great classes but one of my favorites was philosophy with [Professor] Timothy Desmond,” he said, adding that he enjoyed sharing his opinions with his classmates. Stephan Wolski could count on being the youngest in class, but he marveled at the range of ages and life experiences including a student who was in his 60s and taking classes that matched his interests. In the fall, Stephan Wolski will pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Maryland College Park, a degree he hopes to complete when he is 17. Right now he is happy to celebrate graduating from college and to take driver’s ed when he’s old enough.

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