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Super Humans - Ainan Celeste Cawley

   Ainan Celeste Cawley (born 1999) passed Chemistry- O level at 7 years and 1 month (the youngest in the world) and studied Chemistry at tertiary level, at a Polytechnic, from 8 years and 4 months old. He is a particularly talented type of child prodigy. This youngster has not only shown a large amount of talent in math and science, but also composed an entire musical score for a film. He also claims to be able to see movement in the form of colors, which his father coined as "velociperception." Sometimes being smart makes them a target. Ainan Celeste Cawley was bullied “extensively” during his Bukit Timah Primary School days, though he opened up about the incidents only “in recent months”, says writer-actor dad Valentine Cawley, 45. Ainan, 13, says: “Once, someone tripped me with his leg. I just picked myself up and left. “I did not teach myself to not care, I just don’t care. Unless they are serious in their words, why should I take them into consideration?” His mother is Singaporean artist Syahidah Osman, 34, and he has two brothers, Fintan, nine, and Tiarnan, seven. The family live in an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, where Ainan is in Taylor University’s American Degree Transfer Programme, which allows for flexible, broad-based learning. He is majoring in the sciences but doing everything from computer programming to theatre. Last year, he composed the score for a 15-minute short film for a film festival. Mr Cawley has learnt a lesson from his son not to “regiment” him. The boy began composing at six but when his parents arranged music lessons for him, he “wouldn’t touch the piano for the next six years”, says dad. Ainan says: “I do not enjoy rigorous and repetitive training, which was the way I was being taught then.” He is the son of ambidextrous portrait artist, Syahidah Osman Cawley and Valentine Cawley, the writer, actor, scientist. He is the world's only known Chemistry prodigy and a general scientific child prodigy.
On September 14th 2008, he set a world age record for the memorization of pi, reciting 518 digits, on camera. He was just 8 years and 9 months old. This is a feat that has never been equaled by any child: only young adults, or older, have recited this many digits. At just 8 years and 4 months old, he started studying degree level laboratory based Chemistry modules, at a Polytechnic. Most of his courses have been third year ones. He is in the Singapore Book of Records, for being the world's youngest O level holder. He passed Chemistry O level at 7 years and 1 month old. Ainan scored the music for the film, Reflection, when he had only recently turned 12 years old. Ainan was just 13 years old when he conceived, wrote, directed and edited The Sempiternal. Ainan is the youngest film-maker to ever show a film, in the ten year history of the Malaysian Shorts film festival. That makes him the youngest out of an estimated 500 film-makers (since it is a quarterly event). On December 12th 2013, Ainan released a music recording of one of his compositions, Renaissance, as a contribution to the charity album Composers for Relief: Supporting the Philippines, to raise money for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Ainan had just turned 13 years old, when he composed the piece.

Personal Quotes:

The losers in World War II, are the winners in modern cars. 

In Physics, if your equation isn't simple, there is something wrong with your Universe. 

There is no such thing as bad Art, for if it is bad, it is no longer Art. 

Art causes a chemical reaction in the brain, that makes you think it is beautiful. Therefore, Art is a drug.

Singapore StraitsTimes

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